Welcome to the Ferreira lab website

We are based within the Biomedical Sciences Research Complex in the picturesque city of St. Andrews in Scotland.

The lab studies chromatin structure and dynamics. Chromatin influences all processes requiring access to the genome. Therefore factors that influence chromatin structure have far-reaching implications for normal development as well as carcinogenesis and disease. We use simple model organisms such as budding yeast (S. cerevisiae) and nematodes (C. elegans) to study how ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling enzymes alter chromatin, from local structure to global nuclear organisation, particularly of telomeres.

Our aim is to gain mechanistic insight into chromatin remodelling enzymes relevant to human health – to promote the generation of new translational therapies.

The infographic below describes what we do and why we study chromatin remodelling genes and telomeres:

The lab is based in the recently extended Biomolecular Sciences Annex within the North Haugh area of the University of St Andrews.